The Apparent Death EP

by Darwin's Zorro

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Artwork by MMP - Make My Photos

Lyric Video by Vulpez Editing

Recorded, mixed & mastered @ Strikeout Records



released August 1, 2015

02 The Revenant feat. Alex Massacre from Leons Massacre

03 Pestilence feat. Michael Lawler from In Vice Versa & Jean from Wolftears

04 Badlands feat. Alex Massacre from Leons Massacre

05 The Purge feat. Jean from Wolftears



all rights reserved


Darwin's Zorro Graz, Austria

Darwin’s Zorro is a studio project founded by Steve Hadler in 2015.
It started out as a solo project, but after a short while Andreas Freisinger joined.
The aim of this project is to write down and record our ideas so we are able to try out some new stuff.
Due to the fact that there are just the two of us we have decided to write all
instrumental parts and lyrics.
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Track Name: 01 Eschaton (Intro)
Track Name: 02 The Revenant
See into my lifeless eyes
bring me back to the grace of light
to all that things that used to be

Tortured by those knives that cut my hands for far to long
I want to be revived

Endless struggle banished me to this place,
far away from every one I've ever loved
This cold state of woe led me to the numbness
that lingers in my brain

I want to be revived
so let me go
Tear those thorns out of my flesh
Those thorns that chain me to this earth

The roots of this dead tree I call my life decayed long ago
Decades pass but I remain
a broken mind encased by the horrors I've made
Track Name: 03 Pestilence
Lurking shadows roam the streets
Day after day they chase you to your bitter end
Scattered limbs and exposed bones
the foul smell of rotting corpses

Can you hear the screams?
Why don’t you hear the cry for help?

Can you hear the screams?
Why don’t you hear the cry for help?
Lock the gates, nail the windows
The beasts are at my door

The beasts are at my door
Like nightmares from the realm of your deepest
fears they bury their fangs in your flesh
Contaminated souls with dead bodies on search for blood
Contaminated souls with dead bodies

When I try to escape I know they’re right behind me
Don’t let ‘em in!

In times like these there’s no end in sight
No safe place, no security

In lonley nights,
thinking about my fallen friends
I might have found a way.


Wading among those helpless minds
Knowing that even vultures need to survive
Spitting blood is the only way
With their dagger in my...

The cold grip of a gun and the barrel at my head
and the barrel at my head
at my fucking head

Please tell me, will I stay dead?
Track Name: 04 Badlands
Kingdoms fallen to dust
Fragments of a broken culture
Day or night don’t matter
Cause nothing remains as it was

A bloody orb in the sky
Submerges us in cold dead nights

With its glare it brought ignorance
Furious hate will be our grave

But on this road I’ve chosen to walk I will embrace the void
And this strangled life will run through my fingers like sand

How could this be? (x2)
How could we’ve drowned
I need air to breath

How could this be? (x2)
How could we’ve drowned in despair?
I need air to breath, so cut those tendrils from the deep

I leave it all behind
I leave this radiated scene
So I can finally be free

Free of all this corruption
Free of all this suffering
I cast you all away
To the darkness you’ve emerged
You are nothing more than an image of all I detest

I won’t fall for the black ichor that you bleed

I leave it all behind
I leave this radiated scene
So I can finally be free
Track Name: 05 The Purge
I’ve always surrounded
Myself with a veil of anguish
I’ve always tried to put things right
To sacrifice myself for the biddings of your kind
But at the end of the day I still had nothing left

Now I take the reign and prove you wrong
Eject all your words and turn the tables
I’m leaving all behind that I’ve used to call my world
To be an exile for my own sake

I will burn your bridges and ruin your crop
Bring the plague to your home
I’m the wolf at your door

Heartless, lifeless, worthless
Call me the worst

With thrones you ruled the land
But a sceptre doesn’t make a king
Lives immolated to protect lines, drawn in the sand
Brothers cut their throats for a higher cause
I wash my hands free of all soil
Because water and blood will turn it to clay

So I can rebuild
Watching all from above I saw that there could be light
But bliss is nothing more than illusion

Heartless, lifeless, deathless
You call me the fucking worst?